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Make a delicious dessert with a frying pan.
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Crispy egg roll:


Ingredients: low amount of egg powder

Accessories: cooked black sesame seeds

Seasoning: corn oil appropriate amount of sugar

Practices: 1, in the container into the corn oil (about of the amount of stir fry a dish), add 4 tsp sugar (sauce spoon), beat.

2, add an egg.

3, egg, until sugar dissolves.

4, sieve into low powder, add black sesame seeds.

5, stirring evenly.

6, the pan does not put oil on a small fire heating, put a spoon of egg paste, with a spoon spread out as far as possible.

7, one side fried yellow.

8, turning surface and then fried.

9, both sides are fried yellow, quickly took up on the chopping block, use chopsticks to pressure a few seconds.

10, after the stereotypes, it can be cold to eat

American milk muffins:


Material: corn flour, flour, milk, egg liquid, baking soda, edible oil, honey

Practice: 1, put the corn flour into the bowl, add warm water and mix thoroughly into a thin paste, Xing 10 minutes.

2, the flour into a small bowl, add milk, egg liquid, baking powder, edible oil and mix thoroughly, thoroughly for 10 minutes.

3, Xing good flour paste and corn flour together mix evenly into milk powder paste. [1]

4, pan set the fire pan, ladle into milk powder paste, sprinkle a little bubble green tea.

5, with a small fire to finalize the design, both sides of the golden yellow, remove, into the side of the plate.

6, then scoop into the amount of milk paste fried until golden brown, remove the other side after loading, doused with honey.

Banana soft cake:



Low gluten flour 100 grams

Banana 1


Butter 60 grams

Egg yolk 1

1/4 teaspoon baking soda


15 ml of rum


1 the banana peel in the bowl will be covered by the end of the rolling pin bag, the banana Daocheng mud

2. Banana mud into porcelain pot, with medium heat until boiling and heating process for continuous stirring, prevent the paste at the end, after boiling turn a small fire, continue stirring and boiled for a moment, the banana puree concentrate into banana jam, cooling backup

3 butter cut into small pieces to soften, add sugar, beat the egg with the egg to send 1 minutes, add egg yolk, continue to kill 30 seconds

4 will make a good banana paste to add to the butter in the beat, beat the egg mixer beat until fluffy

5. Pour the rum or brandy, without stirring, will with flour and baking soda mixed sieve into the butter, with rubber spatula, stir evenly, flour, rum and butter mix, to form a dough. At this time the dough may very sticky hands, put the dough in the refrigerator for a moment until it becomes a hard not sticky

6 frozen good dough out, plastic and grow bar, into the refrigerator freezer frozen to a hard, cold hard dough taken out, with a knife cut into 0.5CM thick slices

7. Will cut a good piece of biscuit placed on the baking sheet, each piece of biscuit, leaving enough space, into the middle of 190 DEG C preheated oven for, bake about 10 minutes, until the cookies golden surface can be released.

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