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King crab milk pot
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This is also considered a very popular in Japan, but the rich milk and did not let the king crab taste worse, but let the king crab becomes more fresh and sweet.

Material Science

King crab, Hot pot material, noodles, milk, cheese, salt


1 first to buy the king crab legs thawed to room temperature.

2 then put the milk into the pot, low heat and simmer until the bubble (fire coke).

3 fans in advance with cold water bubble is good (about 2 hours).

4 in the milk into cheese and salt (you feel enough and rich enough taste can be, if it's too salty milk).

5 after the milk is boiled, add all kinds of hot pot materials, and so on.

6 to join the king crab, fans, fans had better make a knot in advance, so easy to clip out, and so on in this boil can eat oh.

7. Alternative hot pot, but king crab more fresh and sweet, hot pot is very soft, it is best not to meat, but some fish, mushrooms, bean curd and so on. Only in this way can you drink milk, and the whole are in good health.


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