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What kind of pot is good
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Three essentials of kitchen supplies:

1 the use of easy to clean, there is no cracks and damage in the pot. Surface damage may stay food and breed bacteria.

2 recommend the use of wood, bamboo or silica gel. Do not use a metal material of the shovel, may scratch the surface of the pot.

3 if the coating on the surface of the pot is broken, it is best not to use the.

1、Pan: and not blood


It should be the most common use, a pot is also very popular.

Heard that the iron cooking can prevent anemia?

In fact, it is not so exaggerated. The iron dissolution of iron, is non heme iron, not easy to absorb, not to mention the blood.

In recent years there are some "tall" cast iron pot is very popular, this pot is very heavy, enamel paragraph color rich. Of course, the price is not cheap.

The beauty of the cast iron


Many advantages of cast iron pot:

The heat conduction and the heat are more uniform, can not use the laborious;

Better thermal insulation, the cast iron pot directly to the end of the dishes can heat insulation;

Good sealing, soup to hoard food is not easy to lose moisture, retain the original;

Can not only on the open flame, but also into the oven.

2、stainless steel pot: high cost


Stainless steel pot is cheap, fast heating, high cost.

I heard that the stainless steel pot will precipitate metal manganese, lead to Parkinson's disease?

This is purely rumor, China's stainless steel products have strict rules, as long as it is a regular manufacturers of qualified products, do not worry, ease of use.

3, non stick pan (Te Fulong): do not empty burning


Non stick pan, is in the inner surface of the pot more than a layer of non stick, anti thermal scratch resistant coating. The commonly used coating is PTFE, Teflon is often heard.

This pot is convenient to clean, do not worry about the fish meat burning always on tenterhooks.

Heard that the Teflon coating is poisonous?

In fact, do not have to worry about the daily cooking.

Teflon coating in 260 DEG C is very stable, and the temperature of cooking in general are below 200 DEG C, even if it is fried, the oil temperature is generally not over 250 DEG C. Daily cooking, do not have to worry about the decomposition and release of toxic substances.

But, need to remind everybody is, must not empty burning. 5 minutes, the temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius.

4, the proposed election: Aluminum non stick models


Recommendations for the selection of non stick, anodized aluminum scratch resistant.

The aluminium surface has a layer of dense protective alumina layer, can not only resist food corrosion, easy to clean, but also to avoid the aluminum elements of the solution to the dish caused by excessive aluminum risk.

But when there is no damage or coating, coating aluminum is not so safe. Once the coating is damaged, or try not to use, especially at home, there are pregnant women or children.

5, ceramic pot soup artifact


A lot of love soup buddy will prepare a ceramic pot, simmer, delicious.

When selected:

Select the regular manufacturers, and have a clear test report, do not contain lead, or lead content in the national standard range of products.

When using:

Avoid acidic foods, such as tomatoes, vinegar, etc. will accelerate the dissolution of the lead in the ceramic pot;

When the ceramic pot surface is damaged, or after cleaning, the surface is still yellow or dirty stains, do not use the.

Do not think that ceramic containers can be loaded with food, especially tourism to buy back the ceramic handicrafts, do not mess with.

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