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Kitchen appliances customized trends demand
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Kitchen appliances customized enterprise to represent the general trend, the needs of the target consumer groups. Kitchen industry, after the development of enterprises around the world everywhere, in a hundred schools of thought contend period, the monotony of the products is very difficult in the industry survive.

Traditional kitchen products into a bottleneck

The traditional kitchen products are generally from the style, form, material, if a company produces a certain type of products sell well, it will lead to a group of companies to follow suit, leading to the production of such products. And fashion trends are always changing, once this trend in the past, the market no longer need this kind of product, it will cause the backlog of products, companies do not receive investment funds will also lead to chain problems. From the market demand feedback to the enterprise, and then from the factory production of kitchen products, which requires a period of buffer. If this time is too long, the forefront as the tide receded, unsalable products, not only enterprises can't profit from, consumer demand to meet.

From tailor-made to product diversification, scale transformation

Kitchen utensils are customized products, from the initial period of small workshops, there are customers according to the drawings produced by the service they need to serve. But at that time the efficiency is very low, and it will be because of the difference in the technical level of the workshop, the production of the quality level of the kitchen is uneven. To the scale of chemical plant production period, the quality of the kitchen go up, but the mass production of the product homogeneity serious, will allow consumers to produce dissatisfaction with the product. Now customized kitchen products can be a perfect solution to this problem. However, the custom is not to return to the kitchen of the enterprise once again return to the workshop period, a figure of a production, low production and high cost of production, but the product diversification and scale transformation. The use of advanced design thinking, the product component standardization, to achieve functional customization. This will not only greatly improve the efficiency of production, reduce production costs, but also to promote the reduction of custom kitchen prices.

Internet thinking to explore the needs of the target consumer groups

At present, the main consumer groups in the kitchen market is the latest fashion, the thinking of changing 80, 90. This generation has a distinctive personality, emphasizing personal characteristics, and it is difficult to move their products without the characteristics of the product. Enterprise traditional thinking is to obtain consumer demand information from the dealer, but this is a very backward means in the period of Internet information dissemination. To seize this part of the needs of the target consumer groups, companies need to explore the Internet thinking, followed by the Internet trend, in order to seize their needs and ideas.

In the custom trend of the kitchen business, but also the use of this information exchange of the internet tool, grasp the target consumer demand, in order to remain invincible.

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