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Smart kitchen development trends six point forecast
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With the continuous development of science and technology era, the future of the kitchen is not only with cooking function, but also presents the perfect combination of technology and reality, smart home experience will continue to improve. So what is the future development trend of the kitchen?

Trend 1: from the mobile terminal to connect to each other

Smart home is an industry has been the focus of attention and development. In the near future, the use of smart home will not only be the extension of the mobile terminal, such as the use of smart phones or tablet PC to remote control of the room. Another development trend of smart home is these devices will be able to connect to each other, is shopping and cooking can be a key is complete, to optimize the user experience, to simplify the cumbersome traditional cooking preparation in advance.

Trend 2: Super mix wind in the romantic atmosphere

Synchronized with the development of living, the overall mix of romantic flavor design patterns is the basic development trend of the future kitchen. And indifference of the virtual world of the Internet instead, people want in life comfortable, furniture style and color harmony and unity facilities e-home livable. In Shanghai, New York, Cape Town and Hamburg, a new breed of people living with the furniture and the kitchen in the overall mix of style design of residential. People are awake to choose all kinds of home appliances and kitchen accessories. All of the products are "carefully designed", and its placement is no longer at random, but strive to achieve a harmonious and Unified overall effect through careful layout. All kinds of interior decoration ideas, the furniture of the world of various cultures are accepted and integrated.

Trend 3: seamless conversion of kitchen living

As a basic configuration of the residential, in the past few years, in the cooperation of architects, modern housing plan quietly changed, the kitchen became the core part of the house. Open, integrated, beautiful kitchen space design has reached an unprecedented high level. A seamless transition between the kitchen and living space, sense of spaciousness and beauty of modern home design organically combined together, let the kitchen furniture manufacturers can satisfy consumer demand the ultimate cooking and daily living the best uniform.

Trend 4: no time limit for more energy saving

In the current international market, the so-called "white goods" with energy-saving benefits is the most sought after. Today, the modernization of kitchen appliances in addition to running a small noise, so the energy saving unprecedented. Modern kitchen furniture to the era of restrictions and more primitive form of language change trend is very obvious.

Trend 5: the specific material specific perception

Specific materials for the design of the kitchen has become a hot topic. In many areas, glass material greatly changed perception of the kitchen, more modern and for the full utilization of light energy is glass material advantage. And the natural style is still a hot trend in the kitchen design. At the same time, selection of those precious, natural, sustainable materials kitchen style will also continued to be popular. It also illustrates the why ceramics, glass, stainless steel and wood the material in the recent period of time of high-end kitchen design common.

Trend 6: plain low-key colorful vs

Harmony is always the highest pursuit of furniture manufacturers - custom kitchen furniture in particular, they are more willing to adapt to the overall decoration style. While others are more focused on low profile and simple colors, some of the kitchen home manufacturers are brave enough to try. Kitchen equipment in the design of their pursuit of absolute personalization. Installation, positive color, shape, height, diversion, light source, everything can be free to choose.

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